Have you ever assumed the definition of a word?

I have.

When I was younger, I thought the word “disinterested” meant to be uninterested when it really meant, unbiased. I bet you didn’t know that!

The same goes for Travel Agent terminology. With most of our customers, I’ve noticed a point of confusion between two specific words: “booking” and “issuing” a flight ticket. Allow me to break them down.

Booking a flight is the act of reserving a seat on the plane. Travel Agents will ask for your first and last name as listed on your documentation (driver’s license for domestic flights, and passport for international flights). There is an alluded time that the reservation will last depending on the airline. After the time expires, your reservation is nullified. Once booked, you will be given an itinerary (your intended flight schedule). You cannot be given an itinerary, without a booking. LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, prices are still subject to change until issued.

Speaking of issuing…

An issued ticket is the final purchase of a flight. During this stage of the transaction, the customer has locked-in the fare and bought the ticket. They are now subject to any change, no-show, or refund penalties. Customers will be given a finalized itinerary of their flight.

And that’s it! You’ve become THAT MUCH more travel savvy.

Until next time!


Reuel Mateo



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